World War I themed trip 2024

One week trip to Ypres, Belgium 7th to 13th July 2024

The aim of the holiday is to be flexible so that participants can join in as much as they wish. Each day medium paced cycle rides are arranged to visit sites related to the war including laying a wreath as part of the Menin Gate Last Post Ceremony. You may join all rides or as many as you like

Non cycling partners are welcome to join and not cycle at all, although priority will be given to cyclists

Everyone is responsible for their own transport in the UK and non-cyclists are responsible for transportation from their home to the hotel in Ypres

Cyclists need to carry luggage for the week on their bike between the ferry and hotel, about 40 miles each way. Therefore, panniers are recommended. Don’t forget lock, repair kit and pump

Further details in SPOKES Winter Newsletter

Note that the official name of the town is Ieper (capital i) but in UK it is normally known by the French name, Ypres


  • 4 star Ariane Hotel, Slachthuisstraat 58, 8900 Ieper, België
    • Twin bedded rooms
    • There is a garage to store bikes, locks are advisable


  • Approximate cost of B&B plus ferry £615
    • Final costs are dependent upon numbers booking due to shared rooms etc.


Payment for the Holiday is required in stages, as shown below.  The 15th June payment may be varied as we have rounded the anticipated costs up

  • £100 deposit is required when your place is confirmed by email
    • If this is not paid you may lose your place
  • By 1st April each guest must pay a further £110
  • By 1st May each guest must pay a further £275
  • By 15th June each guest must pay the final £140
    • May be adjusted to the actual full cost of Ferry and Hotel B&B

Travel insurance

Responsibility of each person but travel insurance is strongly recommended

Travel documents

Current entry requirements from the UK as of November 2023:

  • Passport valid for at least 3 months from the date of departure from Belgium and issued less than 10 years before the date of entry to Belgium
  • Visa is NOT required
    • The requirement for an ETIAS visa waiver for EU countries currently delayed until 2025 so should not affect our trip
  • Covid vaccination etc. evidence NOT required
  • EU law requires everyone to carry official ID at all times so we must always carry our passport in Europe
  • Each person is responsible that they meet requirements in place at date of travel!


  • Ferry travel
    • Each individual is responsible for any cancellation fee they incur. The cost is not refundable after we book the Ferry
  • Hotel accommodation. In the unlikely event of the entire trip being cancelled the following applies:
    • between 3 and 2 months before arrival 25% of the total amount
    • between 2 and 1 months before arrival 50% of the total amount
    • between 30 and 14 days before arrival 75% of the total amount
    • Less than 14 days before arrival 100% of the total amount
    • In the case of an individual or one room cancellation the Hotel will try and be flexible. In either case each guest is responsible for any cancellation cost

Book on trip

    I would like to join you on the World War I themed holiday on 7th July 2024

    Give your personal details as they appear on your passport
    If your passport will expire prior to our return, send revised details to when you have your valid passport


    Expiry date

    I will share a room with

    Co-occupant needs to complete a separate form, naming you as Co-occupant. Leave blank if not applicable

    Members travelling on the ferry with us by bike please select your bike type. Those travelling to Ypres independently please select the “Independent Travel” option

    Independent travellers may wish to travel by car/train together. We will only book ferry tickets for those who are cycling to/from Ypres

    Please confirm if you are happy for organiser to share your email address with other guests

    Note that if you cycle you need to carry your luggage for the week between the ferry and hotel so panniers are recommended. Don’t forget lock, repair kit and pump

    When your place is confirmed by email you will be given the details to transfer £100 deposit. If this is not paid then you may lose your place