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To Ralph Sangster

Cabinet member for Highways.

Hertfordshire County Council



On behalf of SPOKES a local cycling group with 200 members in Watford & Three Rivers, I have been asked to contact you about what appears to be the chaotic state on the Watford High St particularly for cyclists. Many members have expressed concern & cannot understand  how they are supposed to use the road.

Normally when changes are made to the local Highways that will effect cyclists we are consulted & normally we respond. We have not been consulted in any way about what is happening on the Lower High St.

We appreciate it is a difficult road to manage & use particularly for pedestrians & cyclists. But the current arrangement is inconsistent & dangerous.

If we were told there was a plan to make continuous shared use paths on both side of the road that may be acceptable if safe interim measures were provided. But at present we appear to have mismatch of advised cycle routes that are not continuous & create dangerous situations.

I will be pleased if I, & others can have an explanation for what is planned & how the route should be used. You may appreciate there is a very limited choice of routes Bushey & Watford & due consideration should be given to safe cycling routes. I believe that in the LTP walking & cycling should have a higher priority in the future, particularly if congestion is to be reduced.


Below I have shown Photographs & comments indicating the current situation

Please view the series of photographs taken for travelling up the Lower High St from Bushey Arches – Cycling on the west side of Lower High St.


The shared-use path now finishes. Pedestrians directed to cross the Lower High St.

No indication where cyclists should go. Most will cycle onto the road


1 Looking North- Between Arches & Dalton Way


Junction to Dalton Way. Previously you could walk or cycle vie a dropped kerb onto the shared-use path & continue up the Lower High St. The dropped kerb needs to be replaced & a safe pedestrian/cycling route established across this traffic light controlled junction.


Looking North by Dalton Way


Looking North between Dalton Way & B&Q


Looking North. View from East side of the Lower High St. How do you get across the road ? even if you were on the east side.


Looking south along the shared-use path by the B&Q entrance from the Lower High St.

See the dropped kirb on this end of the shared use path. New sign advising to cross the road, but no crossing.


I hope to have a response in the near future


Roger Bangs – SPOKES


Following the public exhibition on the proposed school I make the following comments mainly concerned with access & transport. I am a local resident, also a member of SPOKES a local cycling group with whom I have had discussion on this issue.

We welcome the building of a new school & believe the general location to be acceptable as it will be convenient for local children. From the outline drawings I have seen the buildings appear as bland boxes, I hope they will have a more inspirational design.

The proposed entry to the site from a roundabout and then Long Lane is acceptable, but only if cyclist crossing points are provided separate to the roundabout. Long Lane is now an access road for residential houses, but also an important well used recreational route for pedestrians & cyclists linking to Maple Cross & Herronsgate.

I believe the school buildings should be on the Long Lane side of the field, not at the proposed location adjacent to the M25 Link Road. It is also important that the access for vehicles is separate to that for pedestrians & cyclists.

As a local school, pupils should be discouraged from arriving by car. Most pupils will live locally school and should be encouraged to walk or cycle there.
Residents will not be happy if the local service road has many parked cars. Congestion on these roads could become a serious problem.

Fortunately walking from Maple Cross & Rickmansworth will be relatively safe & easy providing a suitable crossing of the Uxbridge Road is provided.

Cycling should also be encouraged. From Maple Cross, a good shared use path exists, it just needs a suitable crossing of the Uxbridge Road to be provided.
Cycling from Mill End & Rickmansworth is a problem as the only legitimate way is along the busy Uxbridge Road. Again it will be possible to provide safe cycle routes though the residential housing by changing the status & minor works on some existing paths.

I make three proposals for improved cycling access though the Mill End Residential Area to Long Lane which will reduce the need or cyclists to use the dangerous Uxbridge Road

We propose three places where cycling access should be allowed & improved, allowing safe cycling routes to be established:

1. Link Long lane to Home Way by converting the existing path to a Shared Use Path. The barriers should be removed to allow cycling. Bollards may be required

pix1  pix2

2. Link Fotherly Road to Eastwick Crescent by converting the existing path to Shared Use & removing the barrier.

pix3  pix4


3. Link Shepherds Lane to Beresford Road the King George V playing fields by converting the existing path to Shared Use.
This path had inappropriate barriers installed a few years ago. It was a useful safe pleasant route for cyclists, eliminating the need to use busy roads.
Access though the playing fields provides a safe cycling route & should be encouraged.



Roger Bangs, Chairman