Members’ Routes

These are routes that have been contributed by members to help other cyclists enjoy the lovely countryside of South West Herts. SPOKES exists to encourage and campaign for cycling, and if you would like to support its work you can join the group.

These routes have not been checked and are not regularly updated. The information provided was believed to be accurate at the time the route was submitted.  If you choose to follow a route, the responsibility for your safety and that of any riders with you, remains with you.

These routes are held in a RIDEWITHGPS database. If you aren’t familiar with how to download routes from this web site, please read How To Use Route Maps for more details. The routes all have an identified start location but don’t ignore a route because this isn’t convenient. You can join the route at any point so do check if there is a more convenient place to start from.

To see the routes, click on the SPOKES’ Wheels under the area and against the route length you are interested in. You can also see a map of all the members routes.

We’d love to receive your feedback on these routes. If you find any errors or have suggestions for improvements in any of the existing routes, have suggestions for a new route that you would like to share or just want to comment on a route, please see here.

DacorumThree RiversWatfordOther
Less than 10 miles
10-20 miles
20-30 miles
30-40 miles
Over 40 miles