Routes For All Instructions

The guidance provided with these routes represents the opinion of the route creator, and the information included was believed to be accurate at the time the route was created.  If you choose to follow a route, the responsibility for your safety and that of any riders with you, remains with you.

Use the tick boxes to set the criteria for the routes you are interested in. Read the notes after the tick boxes to ensure you get the routes you want.  You will see the routes that meet all of the criteria you have selected and these may be spread over over several pages. Use the NEWER ENTRIES and OLDER ENTRIES boxes at the bottom of the page to navigate between pages.

Each route is shown with a brief description and the start location. It also lists some villages and towns the route passes. As all of the routes are circular, there may be a more convenient place for you to join the route. Finally it lists any scenic areas that the route takes in, e.g. Cassiobury Park.

Click on RidewithGPS below the map for a detailed map, more information about that route, including refreshment stops and points of interest, and the options to download a GPS file or printed directions to guide you on the route.  Please read the information and guidance provided, and if you are relying on the availability of any of the refreshment stops mentioned, please contact the establishment before you ride.

You can also view a map of the area with all of the routes overlaid. You can choose routes from this map and you’ll also see a full list of all the routes below the map. Whilst there is the option below to search by start point, it is possible to join a route at any point. By zooming in to an area of this map where it would be convenient for you to start from, you may increase the number of routes available to you.

You will gain much more from SPOKES’ Routes For All if you are familiar with what information is available for each route.  Please read How To Use The Route Maps for more details, including instructions on how to obtain and download the correct format of GPX file for your GPS device and narrative turn by turn directions.