Unused – Reporting Hazards

  • Fill That Hole Local councils have a duty to ensure roads are maintained, but if they don’t know about a pothole, they can’t fill it in. So if you want to get it repaired, you have to report it. CTC, the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation, is asking all road users to report potholes and hazards on this website.
  • Stop SMIDSY
    ‘Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You’ Because sometimes sorry just isn’t enough. Bad driving intimidates and harms innocent people. Cyclists and pedestrians are particularly endangered by negligent or aggressive driving because we’re not encased in a few tonnes of metal every time we set out on the roads. Stop SMIDSY will address how the police, the prosecutors, the courts, and the law itself could all do a better job at encouraging people to use the roads in safer and more considerate ways. When we lobby these institutions on your behalf, we need evidence of how they need to improve. That’s where you come in.