Late Summer Bank Holiday Ride to Gaddesden



Gaddesden from Croxley. Refreshment at Frithsden.

At Baldwins Lane outside The Harvester, Baldwins Lane, Croxley Green


Meet Yves ready to leave at 10.00am.

A Bank Holiday ride to Hemel Hempstead and Gaddesden including a Dodds Lane and Piper's Hill circuit.  We will proceed counter-clockwise on both loops of the route which has 2,079 feet of climbs with notable climbs on Dodds Lane at 13.8 miles 9%, Piper's Hill at 19.3 miles 10% and Feldon Lane at 26.3 miles 12%. Pace should average 10 mph over the route.

We will pass Hemel Hempstead station at 10.5 miles and again at 26 miles.  At 21 miles there will be a refreshment stop in Frithsden either at the Vineyard or Alford Arms, whichever is open.

This is a 37 mile Spokes MEDIUM pace ride suitable for Road/Touring/Hybrid (Road tyres).  Yves' contact details are in the Spring News Letter.