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Ride information

  • Check the calendar link for upcoming rides.
  • Please make sure that your bike is fit to ride.
  • Remember to bring: water, spare inner tube, lights and reflective/waterproof clothing as appropriate.
  • Disclaimer: Participants of rides must be over 16 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Insurance is your responsibility.
  • SPOKES cannot accept liability for you or your possessions.
  • It is your responsibility to follow advice and the Highway Code at all times.
  • Your participation is the acceptance of these terms.

Riding in a group takes practice. Everyone in the group helps out with pointing out hazards. Our group cycling guide (below) contains information to help make your experience fun.

Please make sure you arrive in plenty of time at the start so rides can leave at the stated time

Note: The contact details give the first name of the rides/events organiser. The printed newsletter sent to members has the full name and telephone number.

Group Riding Guide

Personal responsibility at all times

  • A duty of care (safety & respect) to yourself & others
    • for your own safety
    • awareness of pedestrians, animals, other cyclists & road users
    • compliance with the law & Highway Code
    • making sure your cycle is in a safe reliable condition

Ride protocol

  • Participating in a ride
    • Arrive before the stated start time.
    • If you have a mobile phone, before the ride starts, get the leader’s phone number and make sure they have yours.
    • Carry a note of your emergency contact details on you in a place known to several people on the ride.
    • Have for your bike, a spare inner tube, tool kit, a bell/sounder & lights if likely to be dark.
    • Have appropriate clothing particularly if likely to be wet.
    • Consider the need for water & food and carry what you need.
  • Ride Leadership
    • The ride leader is a volunteer. Support them by responding promptly to their instructions.
    • Normally the leader will be at the front.
    • Occasionally it is appropriate to overtake the leader, if you do, keep within his/her sight.
      If you go ahead of the leader do not expect him/her to find you if you go a different way to the leader.
    • In groups of more than 8 cyclists, the leader may appoint a back-marker who will normally be, the last person. You should attempt to stay between the leader & back-marker.
    • If you are aware that someone has dropped behind let the leader know.
    • If you are leaving the group ensure you inform the leader before separating.
  • Stopping
    • When stopped ensure you are in a safe place, making sure you can be seen by other road users.
    • If you need to stop, shout “Stopping” and endeavour to provide as much notice as possible before slowing down.
    • Do not block the pavement, track or road or make it difficult for others to use, particularly around junctions.
  • Give particular consideration to
    • dogs, horses & other animals, they may be hazardous
    • people
      • when approaching ring your bell or sounder with sufficient time for people to react & not scare them.
      • Say thank-you when if people have given way
  • Communication
    • Messages about road conditions and behaviour may be passed back and forward in the group.
    • Standard calls
      • “Stopping” alerts the group that you need to stop for a mechanical fault or other emergency reason
      • “Car up” or “Car back” indicates that a car is approaching us from behind
      • “Car down” indicates that a car is approaching us from the front
      • “Easy” indicates that I am slowing down
      • “On the left” or “On the right” indicates that there are people, a vehicle or some other obstruction on the left or a rider is overtaking you on that side
      • “Single out” indicates that we need to ride in single file to allow a vehicle to pass
      • Hazard calling, e.g. “pothole” or “brick” and pointing to it

Disclaimer: Participants under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Insurance is your responsibility. Spokes does not accept liability for you or your possessions. Your participation is deemed as acceptance of these terms.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the ride please give them to the leader or contact us.

SPOKES need Volunteers to Lead Rides

If you are a Member of SPOKES and have routes you enjoy riding it is certain other Members will enjoy them so why not add some of your rides to our Rides Programme?  Every 3 months all members with an email address receive an email inviting them to submit rides for the upcoming quarter’s programme.   Weekend rides are particularly welcome but rides are well supported throughout the week.

No qualification is needed, if you are a confident, competent cyclist and the rides you offer are comfortably within your cycling capacity you will give more choice and enjoyment to your fellow Members.  If you have any questions, Email our Rides Coordinator.

Our riders come from South West Hertfordshire and North West London.

Planning a ride and looking for a cake stop?  The cycling café Facebook group may assist you.

 Local rides (“The Blue Book”)


The booklet, published in April 2008, has Ordnance Survey based maps and written descriptions for 21 excellent cycle rides around Hertfordshire. The varied rides are from 3 to 50 miles long. All are tried and tested by SPOKES, easy to follow, and can lead to beautiful countryside you never even knew existed. The booklet was designed by Stephen Wragg of Wragg Art House.

The booklet is FREE when you join SPOKES.

The booklet can also be purchased from Watford Cycle Hub for £1.00. Click here to find out more about this fantastic local community facility.

The rides at a glance

  1. Whippendell Wood (3 miles)
  2. Croxley Green (4.5 miles)
  3. Bricket Wood (9 miles)
  4. Aldenham (6 miles)
  5. Chandlers Cross (6.5 miles)
  6. Merryhill Greenway (6 miles)
  7. Heronsgate (8 miles)
  8. Loudwater (8 miles)
  9. Chiltern Open Air Museum (21 miles)
  10. Ley Hill (22 miles)
  11. Little Chalfont (18 miles)
  12. Flaunden (18 miles)
  13. Great Gaddesden (25 miles)
  14. Redbournbury Mill (22 miles)
  15. Bedmond (17 miles)
  16. Gorhambury (22 miles)
  17. Water End (27 miles)
  18. Colney Street (16 miles)
  19. Shenley and Ridge (23 miles)
  20. London Colney (14 miles)
  21. All around Herts (50 m)