Leiden Cycling Trip 2023

One week cycling trip in Netherlands based in Leiden 1st to 8th July 2023


Note that all costs are based on 12 people sharing twin ferry cabins and hotel rooms. If only 11 book or the gender mix requires one person to have a single room then the cost will be shared 11 ways rather than 12. We will try to book a cheaper, single room to minimise this cost

If more than 12 people wish to book then we will seek more rooms in the same hotel or another nearby, but this cannot be guaranteed so current limit is 12. First come first served for places, but there will be a waiting list if oversubscribed in case of cancellation

All cycle rides are optional and will be at medium pace

Note that you will need to carry your luggage for the week on your bike between the ferry and hotel in Netherlands, and perhaps in England. Therefore, panniers are recommended. Don’t forget lock, repair kit and pump


  • Stena Line Ferry. 2 people per cabin bunk beds
  • Hotel de Doelen, Rapenburg 2 2311 EV Leiden. Twin bedded rooms
    • The hotel has a backyard where we can safely store our bicycles, but assume locks needed


  • Final costs are dependent upon numbers booking due to shared rooms etc.
  • Ferry: £166 per person including bike for 12 people 
  • Hotel: Euro 265 (approx. £240) per person room only. Breakfast and other meals will probably be taken outside of hotel


  • Ferry Payment required, in full, as soon as your booking is confirmed
    • The cost calculated assumes all beds are used but the payment required will assume only 11 beds occupied and any overpayment will be refunded by reducing the hotel payment
  • Hotel payment required by 15th June
    • Hotel costs are in Euros so payment requested will be slightly more than current exchange rate to allow for fluctuation. Therefore, a refund may be due when we are in Netherlands

Travel insurance

Responsibility of each person but travel insurance is strongly recommended

Travel documents

Current Netherlands entry requirements from the UK as of December 2022:

  • Passport valid for at least 3 months from the date of departure from Netherlands and issued less than 10 years before the date of entry to Netherlands
  • Visa is NOT required
    • From November 2023 an ETIAS visa waiver will be needed for EU countries but that does not affect our trip
  • Covid vaccination etc. evidence NOT required
  • Use the ‘All Passports’ lane at Passport Control
  • Each person is responsible that they meet requirements in place at date of travel!


  • Ferry travel
    • Each individual is responsible for any cancellation fee they incur
  • Hotel accommodation
    • After 30th June no refund will be made
    • Before 30th June, if two people who opted to share a room or two Members of the same gender cancel, the hotel cost is returnable in full
    • Before 30th June, if one person cancels a refund will only be made if another person takes the vacant place  and no others incur cost by having an empty bed in a twin room

Travel out

  1. Cycle
    1. Peter will leave Watford at 7:00 and cycle 93 miles to Harwich
    2. Cycle with Peter but at Chelmsford (50 miles) catch train to Harwich. This is also option for everyone if badly delayed by mechanical or other problems, and can be decided on the day
  2. Train
    • Make own arrangements for train from Liverpool Street to Harwich International Station (at Ferry Terminal)
  3. Car
    • Make own arrangements. Parking at £8.60 per day (8 days = £68.80) as at January 2023. Pay at machine, no pre-booking available
      • Car sharing will obviously cut costs. Make own arrangements
      • Carrying luggage for cyclists, cyclist may contribute to cost of parking

Day of sailing Saturday 1st July

  • Dinner
    • Retail Park, Parkeston Road, Harwich, CO12 4NX has Chef and Brewer (part of Premier Inn), MacDonalds and Costa. Bike parking. Quiet 1 mile cycle route to terminal. Alternatively dining on board is available 
    • Peter will book table at Chef and Brewer for 19:00
  • 21:00 Meet Harwich Terminal. Check-in for groups opens 21:30, closes 22:15
  • 23:00 Set sail

Itinerary in Netherlands

  • Sunday 2nd July
    • Land at Hook of Holland at 8:00 local time (clocks go on one hour!)
    • Cycle to Leiden along coastal route (42 km/27m)
  • Monday 3rd
    • Cycle to Haarlem, Zandvoort Grand Prix Circuit (lunch?) then coastal route to Rijnsover before turning inland to return to Leiden (86km/53m)
  • Tuesday 4th
  • Wednesday 5th
    • Cycle to Amsterdam (101km/63m round trip, 45km out 56km return)
    • Option of train back, or both ways
    • Note that there are limited bike spaces available on trains, and the bike needs a ticket (chargeable) but then has priority over passengers using fold up seats
    • Note also that booking at museums (such as Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House) is required some time, possibly weeks, in advance
  • Thursday 5th
      • Cycle to visit Gouda Cheese Market (61km/38m round trip)
      • Open 10:00 to 12:30 Thursday’s only
      • Early start, possibly breakfast in Gouda
  • Friday 7th

Return sailing Friday 7th July

  • 20:00 approx. (local time) Meet Hook of Holland Ferry Terminal . Check-in for groups opens 20:30, closes 21:15
  • 22:00 Set sail

Return Travel Saturday 8th July

Apply to join Waiting list

    I would like to join you on the Leiden holiday on 1st July 2023

    I will share a room with (Co-occupant does not need to complete a separate form)

    Leave blank if not applicable

    I will travel by



    Note that even if you travel by car you will need to carry your luggage for the week between the ferry and hotel in Netherlands so panniers are recommended. Don’t forget lock, repair kit and pump

    When your place is confirmed by email you will be given the details to transfer the cost of the ferry. If this is not paid then you may lose your place